Overview and Introduction

Picture Stories is about connecting images with stories. It is very simple, but the potential is as limitless as the imagination!

I (Bill Snodgrass) have been writing and doing photography for many years. I bought my first SLR camera back in 1978 when I was in high school. I was making up stories and writing some, at that time, too. I have always had a love of story, and have tried to use my camera to capture images that tell a story--or at least hint of a story that needs to be told.

Picture Stories emerges, now in March of 2014, as a way to tap into the flourishing world of social media and on-line communities. Here, people will be given a chance to just have some fun with words--words in response to images--and to tell a story or two.

I will be taking many of the images from Instagram. If you are an Instagram user, tag your photos #picture_story, and I'll consider using them. I want to engage a wide range of both writers and photographers in this adventure.


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