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Photoshop: PortriatPro 18 — Working with Profiles - s2e52

Editing images with the PortraitProStudio 18 plugin for photoshop is quick and easy. However, if the subject does not directly face the camera, it is a little more work to get the control points set. But once set, the plugin works well. It allows easy enhancement of the images and the results are amazing.

Photoshop: PortriatPro 18 Makeup Tools Overview - s2e45

PortraitPro 18 is a very powerful plugin for Photoshop. Among the many tools available is a section called "Makeup." These tools allow editors to drastically alter how a model looks. It includes mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, blush, bronzer, highlighters, and lipstick.

Sports Photography: How To Shoot Gymnastics OR Any Other Unfamiliar Situ...

Shooting in an unfamiliar situation presents real challenges, but you can prepare ahead of time and make the most out of every shoot. There are certain things to consider when shooting gymnastics, and getting ready to photograph a meet is a great example of learning how to shoot in unfamiliar circumstances.

Photography / Videography: Changing Your Lens With Minimal Risk Of Dust ...

Dust on your sensor is a real concern, and something you don't want to deal with. The good news is that the sensor is inside the camera and rarely exposed to the environment from where dust would come. Under normal circumstances, only when changing your lens do you open the camera up to this threat. Changing from one lens to another quickly is an important safeguard for getting dust inside. And it is possible to reduce the risk even more using gravity to assist you! In this video, a lens changing technique demonstrates a method for quickly changing lenses while minimizing the risk of dust infiltration.