Overview and Introduction

Picture Stories is a blog about basic photography that is a companion to a high school photography club. Its content will cover artistic and technical aspects of photography, as well as aspects of photography as a business.

I (Bill Snodgrass) have been writing and doing photography for many years. I bought my first SLR camera back in 1978 when I was in high school. Along the way, I have done commercial, real estate, editorial, event, portrait, and other types of photography. I've sold images and prints and had them displayed in a gallery show. It will be from those past experiences and from current research that information on this site will be derived.

The name of the site is drawn from the word "photography" itself. Photo comes from the greek word φως, meaning light. Graphy comes from the greek word  γράφω, meaning write. Thus, the roots of photography lead to this meaning: writing with light.

Picture Stories is about using the art and science of photography to tell powerful stories through images. Enjoy!


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